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Posted on: Mar 20, 2018 | Author : Dayo Olajide, DLC Communications Officer

This is to inform learners on the Open Distance Learning mode of the University of Ibadan that the 2017/2018 Academic Session has been scheduled to commence on Monday, March 19, 2018. In the light of this development, learners are to note the following carefully:

Outstanding Results

Semester Results: The Centre is working assiduously to ensure results are released by participating Departments. Whilst some have been uploaded to the portal, more results would be released in due course. Be assured that all results would be released before close of registration.

Final Year Results: A meeting of the DLC Board of Examiners has been scheduled to consider 2016/2017 final year results. After the results are considered, necessary procedures would be initiated for its ultimate approval by the university Senate.

Outstanding Final Year Results: All outstanding final year results are being processed for Senate approval. Affected learners are hereby implored to be patient as they would be notified immediately this is done.

Tuition Fee

The 2017/2018 tuition fee has not been reviewed. Learners are to pay as obtained last session, 2016/2017. This would reflect on the portal.

Download of Course Materials

Students are expected to download and commence study of their course materials immediately after registration. This is very important for you to be in a good stead before the commencement of interactive sessions and administration of Continuous Assessment tests.

Project Supervision

Supervisors would be allocated to 400 level students at the beginning of second semester. Current 500 level students have already been allocated during the last session. Students who may have problems regarding project supervision should send an email to [email protected] and copy [email protected]

Interactive Session

Students are expected to attend interactive sessions ONLY in courses they have registered for.

Add and Delete

Add and Delete can be done ONLY during the period of registration. Once course registration is finally locked, learners would not be able to add and delete courses again. A period, which would be duly communicated, would be dedicated for add and delete during the second semester. Note that add and delete would not be entertained ESPECIALLY once examinations have commenced.


No complaints would be responded to officially EXCEPT the ones sent to the Learner Support and Advisory Unit via [email protected] Also, emails sent with personal email addresses would be disregarded. Learners are advised to check their DLC dedicated emails from time to time for updates from the Centre.


It is very important for learners to register as and when due to ensure that they do not fall behind schedule in academic activities as specified on the calendar

Change of Course

Learners who may wish to apply for change of course should endeavor to check the admission requirement of the programmes they wish to cross to. Also, note that such learners would be automatically moved to 200 level irrespective of their present level.

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