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Dear Student,

Welcome to GES 104 Continuous Assessment Portal.

Continuous Assessment Instructions:

  • This Continuous Assessment has 30 questions for 25 minutes
  • Please take note of the following information before, during and after your Continuous Assessment
  • The deadline for submission of this Continuous Assessment is on the 5th of February 2014.
  • Continuous Assessment is in Objective Multiple Choice format Available from 2014-02-30 to 2013-02-05.
  • Please enable Pop-Up in your browser.
  • You can only attempt this Continuous Assessment once after which you are automatically graded

During Continuous Assessment

  • Use your mouse to select your answer
  • To move to the next question, click on Next button below the page with your mouse
  • You can click on any Question number at the side of the page to jump directly to the question
  • Your answers are automatically saved only when you click the Next button.
  • Do not use the Browser Refresh button to reload any question. Doing so will lead to loss of some seconds

  • When you have finished answering all the questions and are ready to submit, click on the SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH on the Summary page that appears, click on Finally Submit. Your answers will be submitted and marked immediately
  • Once you have submitted, you cannot undo or go back 

After the Continuous Assessment

  • Your result will be sent to you via Email .

To continue to your GES 104 CA, please click on this link to login directly and start your Continuous Assessment.

Thank you.