CBT centre

Our CBT centre is equipped with over 1,500 thin client workstation, connected to run exam simultaneously with industry type servers. We have highly trained and qualified in-house I.T Team to support and maintain our CBT infrastructures. A pleasant atmosphere equipped with air conditions and security check-in facilities.

CBT Exam are conducted seamlessly with our own generator to avoid power interruption during exam sessions

Outside using our CBT centre to conduct exam for our students, we also offer the following CBT service to private, public and other categories of organisations and institutions;

CBT Services

CBT Training & Consultation

We also assist institution and corporate organizations in setting up CBT centre, feel free to consult us for an assessment and having your own CBT centres

Test & Exam Administration

Private and other public organizations or institution are welcome to using our CBT centre as their own test or exam centre to administer their exam or test. Our I. T and securities are always ready to work with you to get your job done. However our website gives you the platform to register your candidate online so we could capture all necessary information about your candidate required to prepare our infrastructures

DLC CBT center

Core strength

Why you have to choose our CBT centre for your test administration



Conducive & secured environment for administering examination



Instant result generation with integrity and security from our CBT server



Constant power supply all through examination session with air conditions



stand by technical support & backup service from our IT department