When candidates are admitted, they are given an orientation on what they would be coming across, either occasionally or on a regular basis. They are guided through the registration process. They are informed about the evaluation criteria and minimum expectations of the University. The regulation guiding their programmes and relationship with the Centre are explained as well.

Various technology facilities are also on ground for information dissemination and learning delivery, such as the Centre’s official website, portal, email, social networks, mobile phone, SMS and radio among others.

This student manual is, therefore, a resource document which provides information designed to educate and inform students about the University, as well as provide an important road map to success. These include issues like course registration, orientation, interactive session, examinations, etc.

It is therefore, is a compilation of guidelines, information and direction needed for a successful learning experience, while on ODL programme of the University of Ibadan.

This serves as a useful guide through which you can successfully have a rewarding studentship and encompasses all the information you may require while on distance learning programme.