You are hereby requested to check for the list of graduands for the above-mentioned ceremonies. However, students for the 2014/2015 session should note that the final results have been considered by DLC Board of Examiners and are being processed for Senate’s approval. The students in this category will be notified when the results are ready for collection among other details.



Please note the following procedures for matters relating to the 2016 Convocation and 68th Foundation Day Ceremonies.

1.      Academic Outfits (gowns, caps and hoods) are available for collection from the Distance Learning Centre Office, Idi-Ose, Ibadan. Collection is scheduled as follows:

·   Wednesday, November 09, 12noon to 4:00pm

·    Thursday, November 10, 10:00am to 4:00pm

·    Friday, November 11, 8:00am to 4:00pm 

·  Saturday, November 12, 8:00am to 12noon

2.      A payment of N1000 (refundable deposit of N500.00 and N500.00 for graduation gown)  should be paid to the DLC Finance Office, Morohundiya Complex, Idi-Ose, Ibadan for the collection of academic gown.

Please note that a University of Ibadan Alumni Association (UIAA) fee of N1000.00 should be paid by the Graduands at the Alumni Office and GRADUATION LEVY of #2500.00 @ the Cash Office U.I.

3.      Collection of graduation gowns at the Distance Learningn Centre Office is sequel to the provision of the following receipts:


·  Alumni Fee

·  N1000.00 graduation gown receipt

4. All Graduands must pay all the levies: Graduation levy and UIAA membership levy, whether they hire academic outfit or not. Certificates shall not be released until all the levies have been paid and academic outfits returned in good condition.

6. The taking of photographs or unauthorized movement inside the Graduation Hall will not be allowed. Any Graduand who leaves before or during the Ceremonies will not be allowed to return to the Hall.

7. Immediately after the Ceremonies, graduands should report at the DLC Moroundiya Office Complex to return the academic and   receive their refundable deposit for the academic outfits.

8. Graduands who fail to submit their academic outfits immediately after the Ceremonies shall pay a surcharge of N500.00 per day.

9. Graduands whose names did not appear in the order of proceedings should note that their results are being processed for graduation.

10.Graduands are to note that another batch of graduating list will be published soon.

11. Graduands who fail to return the academics outfit will have their certificates withheld until they fulfil the above requirement.

12. Graduands are advised to be at the International Conference Centre at 7.00a.m on each day to ensure that they are properly robed. The Faculty Officers would be seated with graduands of their Faculty to ensure orderliness during the ceremony.

The tassels (cord) of the caps should be worn to the right for First Degree Graduands and they will be required to move the tassels from the right to left, at a point in time during the Ceremony, when the Vice-Chancellor declares:  “I admit you all”. This signifies their admission into the body of Graduates of the University of Ibadan.

Higher Degree recipients should wear their tassels to the left since they are already First Degree Holders.

 13.  Female Graduands are expected to courtesy when they shake hands with the Vice-Chancellor, while male Graduands will bow, but should not remove their caps.

14. Graduands are to enter International Conference Centre through the back gate. They shall move in a Procession at 8.15am into the Hall on each day.

15. Graduands in each Faculty are expected to be seated in the section provided for them in the Order of Proceeding will be given out to Graduands by their respective Faculty Officers and the Deputy Registrar (Postgraduate School) as the case may be.

16. Graduation ceremony is a solemn occasion. Graduands and their visitors are therefore expected to maintain a solemn atmosphere throughout the programme.

17. Graduands and visitors are expected to stand when the Academic Procession enters/ leaves the Hall and when the National Anthem are being sung or played. Graduands are requested to please be orderly and wait till the end of the Ceremony.

18. For acceptable format of dressing for the ceremony, please visit the University of Ibadan website.(

19. Graduands should note that convocation ceremony is a solemn one. Therefore, movement in and out of the hall during the ceremony will not be allowed.

Wishing you God’s blessing in your future endeavours and as ambassadors of this great Institution.


Thank you and God bless.


M. A. Adewumi

Deputy Registrar / Secretary, DLC