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Welcome to University of Ibadan School of Distance Learning

UI has two modes of studies:

1. The traditional face-to-face (F2F) mode, and
2. the hybrid Open Distance eLearning (ODeL) mode.

The UI-ODeL mode is an initiative of the university that sprouted in response to the need to give qualified populace, who deemed a university degree necessary for varying reasons like access to university education, qualification for employment, career elevation, and self-actualisation. It has transitioned over a 50 year innovative enterprise from the Centre for External Studies.

The UI-ODeL is a mode of studies facilitated by the use of robust educational technologies with integrated educational delivery and management system which is optimised with Edutech course webinars that can cater for One Hundred Thousand Learners. This way, the university transmits toll-free live collaborative lectures/seminars to all learners irrespective of the class size, their geographical location and distance.

The Edutech course webinar is similar to Zoom but specifically designed for teaching learning purpose with smart interactive tools and can be played back in case you miss a lecture or some parts of the lecture is not clear. In essence, the university has provisioned virtual classrooms where students will be meeting with their lecturers and E-tutors face-to-face in real-time. And, the interesting part is that to ensure access and affordability, data will not be charged for webinar classes, as the university has secured special partnership with Telco giants for the ODeL mode.

At the core of UI-ODeL are stimulating self-learning interactive texts, audiobooks and video lessons, anchored on the UIDLC Mobile Class Learning Management System. Strikes will, therefore, have minimal effect on UI-ODeL Programmes because they are mostly virtual as well as heavily driven and dependent on technology and learner support.

After all the enriching interactions, learners meet with their course lecturers face-to-face for revision before examination. Examination administration for learners is made easy with our 1500 capacity Computer Based Test (CBT) Centre with a Waiting Hall that can accommodate 1,000 learners at a time.

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